"Pack Our Bags" Packing Workshop


Friday, December 21, 2018, 2:20pm to 3:30pm

As we look towards creating a better world, what values should we take with us, and what should we leave behind?  In this artist-led workshop, participants will be invited to create and contribute their own values to the “Pack Our Bags” installation as part of Nine Moments for Now.   Bring your vision for a better future; all other materials will be provided.

This workshops seeks to activate participants' consciousnesses around the concepts and values we hold dear.  Through conversation, consideration, and creation, participants will be invited to make concept block sculptures similar to the ones that the artist has created for the "Pack Our Bags" installation.  The concept blocks that are are created will become part of the installation for the duration of the exhibition.  Participants may either contribute their pieces permanently to the installation, or may pick up their values at the close of the show. 

Elisa H. Hamilton is a multimedia artist who creates inclusive artworks that emphasize shared spaces and the hopeful examination of our everyday places, objects, and experiences. Read about her work on her website. 

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