Drawing on Love & Justice Sketchbook Collective


Thursday, February 18, 2021 (All day) to Thursday, April 15, 2021 (All day)



title card drawing on love & justice


A Sketchbook Collective, Co-hosted with Cooper Gallery, February 18 - April 16

A project by artist Evelyn Rydz

About the Collective

In the time of a rampant pandemic and racial injustice, how can we draw on our tools to bear witness to the world we are living in and draw on love and justice to imagine a different future?

As artists with a wealth of imagination and creative tools how can we envision and participate with clear intention in creating what we hope to see next in the world, in ways both small and large? How do we continue to learn from and respond to racial injustices that are not new, but that have been amplified during this pandemic?

The sketchbook collective is an extension of Evelyn Rydz' Drawing on Love & Justice project which calls for artists to engage in a daily drawing practice. The sketchbooks will be a space for observing, reflecting, responding, and imagining new possibilities. Throughout the eight weeks, we will experiment with a variety of media as we explore drawings addressing what you see in the world now and what you want to see in the future. There will be weekly opportunities for the sketchbook collective to share new drawings and create in community. 

Check back here biweekly for an updated prompt for your sketchbook!

Current Prompt:

Feb 19 Sketchbook Start:

Our first prompt will focus on loss, from personal to public, from local to global. What losses are you experiencing and observing in this moment? What change do you hope to see in the future? Loss will be both our main subject and process for drawing in our sketchbooks. ⠀

✦ Process ✦⠀
·Use a daily newspaper as the starting point and source of information for creating responsive mixed-media drawings in your sketchbook. Explore the newspaper as a surface to draw on, a material to cut out of, and a source for collecting found text and images.⠀
·Experiment with processes emphasizing loss such as erasing, cutting, covering, erasing, ripping, sanding, highlighting and more.⠀

✦ Suggested Materials ✦⠀
·Pencils, Pens, Markers⠀
·Scissors/ X-Acto/ SandPaper⠀
·Glue Stick⠀
·Newspaper and Assorted Papers ⠀

Share your sketchbook pages and perspectives with us using these hashtags:⠀
#drawingonloveandjustice #coopergallery #dljsketchbookcollective
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